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Have More Impact

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Jul 17, 2018

A short, solo episode... looking at the trade off between planning a long time in advance and doing things at the last minute.  Both have advantages and both have disadvantages... is there a secret trick that balances the two?  Yes - sort of.

It's about planning the process, not the product, and this episode is an example of how to use that. The whole episode, which runs for just over six minutes was prepared in just over ten!

I'm not pretending it's the best episode of a podcast you'll ever here, 'cos there are some points in what I say that I'd re-do in an ideal world, but it makes its own point rather nicely when I say it took almost more time to upload than to record*...

... because of the trick I talk about here!


* That's not literally true and would have been even less true if my Virgin upload speeds weren't, errmmmm.... slowwwwww.....  ;)