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Jul 31, 2018

Dan Moyles is a busy, busy man. He's the marketing manager for a fast-growing (and impressive) business in the states and yet he still has time to ride his motorbike for fun, be with his family and take an hour a day for just getting ready, praying and meditating.

How does he manage that? Well part of it of course is that by taking an hour a day for himself he gets so much more done... productivity works the other way around to how many of us pretend.

But there's so much more to Dan's approach - we chat for nearly half and hour and explore a lot, leading to his three pillar approach:

  • mindset
  • tools
  • self-support.

It's a fun interview with so much to pick up in terms of productivity!

Oh, and in the interview Dan makes a fabby offer: check it out at   Trust me, you should download the guide for video marketing... it's a very short read so well worth your time!