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Have More Impact

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Apr 24, 2018

This is a solo episode, so brace yourself as I pretend to know what I'm talking about. I apply Occum's Razor to making decisions and come to the conclusion that one way to improve our productivity is not to worry about what the decisions are that we make, so much as whether we make them or not!

Short, sharp and...

Apr 10, 2018

Chatting to Sarah Tomlinson about how she runs her web design business on only a few hours a day is inspiring. (On a bad day it's intimidating!)

With a seven month old and another baby on the way, Sarah's learned how to be more efficient than most people. It's just they way it has to be for her! I chat to her about how...

Apr 7, 2018

Natalie Hailey is one of those people who does it all... mum, wife and entrepreneur. She's also fun, sane and one of the nicest people I've met online.

So, at risk of making her sound like some kind of saint, in this episode I chat to her about:

  • setting priorities
  • setting targets
  • using apps
  • using paper...